Adobe CQ 5.5: An 80-Feature Makeover

CQ 5.5

Topics: Adobe CQ, Content Management Systems (CMS)

Adobe CQ 5.5 is an upgrade release to the CQ 5.4 and ADEP WEM 5.4 code base. The upgrade increased functionality, incorporated key customer fixes, and fixed general bugs. The goal with Adobe CQ 5.5 was to increase usability for all users – authors, administrators, and developers. Using a customer-focused development model, Adobe has been able to identify and solve many problems that users might have had with Adobe CQ 5.4, and then implement those solutions in Adobe CQ 5.5.

A few of the big changes include: editing content while also using a new undo/redo functionality tool, accessing additional, improved, and extended components for client content, and integrating the Adobe Scene7 and Adobe InDesign Server, as well as many more new features catered to your needs. More than 80 new features and 830 enhancements were made to the WCM system in this release.

Continuing to improve stabilization, Adobe 5.5 CQ WCM gives better author, administrative, and developer experience and productivity. The improved Web content management system also provides more reliability and increased performance. Client content will now be more powerful and easier to extend than every before, and it allows integration of other Adobe Digital Marketing Suite products into your creations. Additionally, there is a new mobile add-on, where you can extend and improve device-specific rendering and mobile application integration.

Adobe CQ DAM 5.5 is a Digital Asset Management System for corporations with a heavy asset repository and complex use of their data. Users will now have a better and more productive experience, shortened project cycles, and the ability to deploy more and increasingly scale to what they need.

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