Six Ways to Get Your Marketing Campaigns in Tip-Top Shape for the Holidays

Topics: Marketing Strategy

We’re already in the final third of Q3, which means that the holidays are right around the corner. Soon there will be excessive amounts of parties to attend, white elephant gift exchanges to participate in, and holiday music playing on the radio from sunup to sundown.

Additionally, this time of year is marked by eager customers ready to make purchases on the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones, so take this time as an opportunity to get your marketing campaigns in tip-top shape before the uptick in purchases.

Whether your business requires a one-of-a-kind window display, a stellar email nurturing campaign, or a viral social media video to see an end-of-year boost in sales, these tips are the first step towards an increase in sales during the most wonderful time of year!

Don’t add to the holiday noise. With an excessive amount of gimmicks during this time of year, it’s easy to fall prey to chiming in on controversial hot topics or using run-of-the-mill email subject lines, for example. Instead, create a campaign that is well-thought-out and actually pleasantly delights customers. Look for real-world, offline experiences to accompany your digital initiatives, drive emotional connections, and leave your customers positively surprised. Remember MasterCard’s “Priceless Surprises?” Consider something as small as sending a little something to customers in the mail.

Personalize your campaign. We’re not talking “customize the experience,” because that should already be deeply ingrained in your marketing. Take this as an opportunity to experiment and allow customers to physically insert themselves into your advertising, case in point OfficeMax’s triumph with “Elf Yourself.” Perhaps run a contest where customers submit photos while using your product, or use gamification to help encourage engagement.

Focus on meaningful messages. The holidays are a time to tap into your company’s mission and be authentic in your messaging. If you’re able to convey a meaningful message during this time of year, where people are especially looking to create moments to be shared with loved ones, then go for it. Otherwise, don’t force it and run the risk of looking ungenuine.

Provide insightful, evergreen content. Providing customers with insight is always invaluable, so look to give them the information they’re craving. This might be ideas about where to shop or access to time-saving tools for their own business initiatives so they can start 2018 off right. The idea here is to align the content with your brand without being promotional. In doing so, your customers will value the effort you put into addressing their needs.

Make an offer they can’t refuse. Think about an offer that both new and repeat customers can’t live without, then align your resources to ensure you’re ready to deliver. Not only will your client base expand, but your veteran customers will also feel their loyalty has been deeply vindicated.

Remember to retarget. Retargeting ads draw potential customers back, especially since it means the individual is already familiar with your product or service because he or she has visited your site. In other words, they can be primed to purchase with much less effort needed to convert a cold prospect. Consider running ads that offer a holiday promotion.

The end of the year is an exciting time for customers and businesses alike. Act now to get your marketing initiatives in order, so you’re prepared for the holiday rush.

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