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Marketing MVPs count on to have the information they need—when they need it—to lead their brands into the digital age. To always deliver, they needed a website redesign backed by powerful marketing technology. desktop screenshot
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Using creativity to solve efficiency.

So time-crunched CMOs could quickly connect with relevant reads, our designers created a layout to visually organize the site’s content while spotlighting exclusives. They then updated the nav bar to include newly added features, like interviews and slide shows.’s brand colors were revised to emphasize their authoritative credibility and to set them apart from their competitors. To make it easy for authors to switch out visual content anywhere on the site, our designers correctly resized all the images within their content library.

Illustration of a wireframe and the end product.

Complex publishing made painless.

Everyday,’s global authors digitally publish a multitude of thought leadership material—from articles, blog posts, slide shows and more. To make it fast and easy for them, our web development team of Adobe-certified implementation experts replatformed the site to Adobe Experience Manager. The team customized the functionality of the solution’s dashboard to meet the specific needs of’s authors. Now authors can post time-sensitive content without any assistance from IT.

A+ experiences for C-level leaders.

Because Adobe Experience Manager seamlessly integrates with all of the Adobe Marketing Cloud products, took advantage of solutions that would help them personalize the reader experience.

Our web development team implemented Adobe Analytics so authors could see which content pieces performed better in which global location. They added Adobe Target so visitors would see ads based on their on-site behavior. And to help authors manage the profiles of readers and automate content delivery, our teams introduced Adobe Campaign to the site’s infrastructure.

Illustration of a wireframe and the end product.

I moved onto the Adobe Experience Manager platform and have not looked back since. I find the authoring environment more functional and so much easier to navigate and use.

Gayle Kesten
Marketing Author,
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